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Absolute Poker Audited Over SuperUser Allegations Absolute Poker remained steadfast in their position that no "super user" account exists.Unfortunately, the scandal will shift focus away from the real debate. This is not a widespread problem. It is likely an isolated instance in which some former executives found a way to bamboozle their... Cereus Poker Network - Howling Pixel | UltimateBet Cereus Poker Network was an online poker network comprising Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.In September 2007, Absolute Poker began defending itself following accusations made by members of several Internet forums that the online poker room has a "superuser" account which allows one... Скандал Absolute Poker набирает новые обороты Казалось бы, скандал вокруг мошенничества в покер руме Absolute Poker стих, но не тут-то было. Бывший репортер PokerNews Хейли Хинце провела собственное расследование и опубликовала в своем блоге результаты расследования...

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Ultimatebet Wraps Up Its "Superuser" Scandal Investigation Our feelings on Absolute Poker and Ultimatebet haven't changed. We won't be playing on either of the sites again, or promoting them in any way. We have deleted any and all pages on this site (and any of our other sites) that promoted Absolute Poker or Ultimatebet in any way.

The Absolute Poker Claims Administration will operate a claims process for clients of Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet who, like clients of Full Tilt Poker, were unable to withdraw funds that they had transferred to Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet. Information About The Payment Calculation Formula

Dec 30, 2009 · The Ultimate Bet Superuser Scandal. But UB is owned by Tokwiro Enterprises, which also owns Absolute Poker, which was the subject of another scandal where a similar vulnerability was exploited from the inside. It’s absurd for them to claim that they couldn’t have anticipated this, and it’s disgraceful that they either didn’t ... Super-users identified on Ultimate Bet - Poker Rooms The problem that I have had from day one with this is that Cardschat has dumped Absolute Poker due to the superuser scandal, but continue to endorse Ultimate Bet, who are owned by Absolute Poker. Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker Scandal: What Happened? 27 Mar 2018 ... Two of the biggest online poker sites, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, were embroiled in a cheating scandal of epic proportions that ... By October, news of the alleged “superuser” account spurred an investigation by KGC.

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Annie Duke: I Was Never Shown Any Non-Public Hole Card Annie Duke took to Facebook this week to clarify her knowledge of and involvement in the Ultimate Bet superuser scandal. Both Duke and fellow ex-UB pro Phil Hellmuth made statements concerning Ultimate Bet last week in response to the … Excapsa Software Former Ultimate Bet owner Excapsa Software has apparently put the final touches on the ownership transfer of the online poker room, ending a multi-year saga following the downfall of the Ultimate Bet superuser scandal. Pitbull Poker Review - History of this Failed Poker Site Pitbull Poker was a java online poker site that failed during the poker boom. Some players suspected it operated super user accounts.